Haunted Car Washes Benefit LHS organizations

Precision Express Car Wash is sponsoring its first Haunted  Car Wash to benefit the Lindale Project Graduation 2021 Seniors, Lindale Baseball team, Lady Eagles Softball, Lindale Boys Basketball and LHS Star Steppers.

Dates that are left on the October schedule include Oct. 23-24 and Oct. 30. School clubs have already entertained car owners another three nights this month, giving them a shine and a scare at the same time.
This project has been in the works since last year, ” Precision Express Car Wash owner Jerretta Pate said.  “A Haunted Car Wash is a trending event in the car wash industry.  We reached out to the different organizations when we saw how big this event was going to be, in hopes that it could benefit them.  With Covid-19 and the restrictions on the fundraising efforts of the different groups, this was a perfect partnership.  The kids have really enjoyed the friendly competition between the different clubs.”
The price for the wash is $25 (cash or credit) while the spooks and candy are free. The hours for the events are 8-11 p.m., and the address is 2106 S. Main St.
“We have had people drive over an hour away to attend the Haunted Car Wash,” Pace said.  “It has given children and adults a safe event to attend and interact with different characters, all while trick or treating. And the parents get a clean car.”

car wash photos

Haunted Car Wash Photos